female hair transplantAre you anxious and suffering from women’s hair loss? Searching for a female hair thinning clinic in Edinburgh? For many years we have been helping women with hair loss, let us help relieve the stress you are going through by offering a women’s hair loss solution.

Women’s hair loss clinic Edinburgh

Women’s hair loss can leave you anxious and depressed. We fully understand how everyday life is effected when women lose their hair. We are here to help take away that anxiety by offering women’s hair loss solutions tailored to you to help you get back that natural thick look and feel that you desire.

There are many reasons for female hair loss. Women of a certain age will start to suffer from women’s hair thinning for example menopause hair loss or hair thinning in older women is not unusual. It might be you are suffering from alopecia hair loss or have been going through a medical treatment which has caused your hair to thin. It can be heredity or as a result of an accident, no matter what the reason is for your hair falling out we are here to help you get a female hair regrowth solution like we have done for so many women in the past.

womens hair lossWomen’s hair loss consultation

We are passionate about women’s hair loss. We not only offer the very best women’s hair regrowth solutions in a practical way but are renowned for our compassionate way of handling this very delicate matter. There are many different reasons for female hair thinning which is why we will always need to see the patient first to carry out a hair and scalp test. From the very moment you get in touch with us we will start to relieve the anxiety that we know you are feeling.

We are one of only a few hair restoration clinics in Edinburgh with a fully trained trichologist who along with a clinical practitioner will carry out a hair replacement consultation with you. We will then formulate the best hair regrowth plan individually suited to you that will fit in with your lifestyle and budget. Our first consultation is FREE so take that first step and call our team today.

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