Hair Loss Cure

Male Hair Loss IssuesDo you feel self-conscious about the bald spot developing on the crown area of your head?  If so, we can offer a hair loss cure.  Collins Hair Transplant Clinic in Edinburgh can offer advice, we understand it’s a tricky area for most men as they don’t want to admit that they may be going bald, or losing their hair.  It is tough for the ego and the first reaction normally is males shave their head ongoing. 

Hair Loss Solutions

Hair transplants date back to 1950’s, however it is only in recent years that there has been more articles in the press about celebrities getting transplants and FUE treatments.  We have various hair loss cures that we can talk to you about, ranging from FUE Hair Replacement, Laser Hair Treatments and Biofibre Hair Implants.  If you search the internet looking for a reputable hair loss clinic, you will come across clinics in places like Turkey, but why travel all that way when we are on your doorstep in the U.K.  If you travel somewhere out-with the U.K. it could be inconvenient with flights, language barriers etc. 

Interest Free Payment Plans

The cost varies, there is no such thing as “one-cost does all”, what we offer is a safe, clinical consultation to find the best solution for you, long-term.  Hair follicle production occurs in phases throughout your life, your hair also changes as you mature in years.  We offer payment plans so you can spread the cost of  the treatment plan out, this means you can achieve the physical appearance and comfortably pay in monthly installments, it is also interest free. 

Collins Hair Transplant Clinic in Edinburgh is ideally located in City Centre, we are close by for bus routes, rail and car parking.  Visit our website or call us on 0131 320 5572 to make a consultation appointment.  We are hair specialists and we will answer any questions you may have. 

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