hair loss clinicSearching for a hair loss clinic in Edinburgh? Looking for a solution to your hair thinning problem? We offer many hair treatment solutions to both males and females who are suffering from a hair loss condition.

Hair loss clinic Edinburgh

Sometimes hair loss can be hereditary or it comes when you have reached a certain age or you have been involved in an accident or as a consequence of an illness. No matter where or how your hair loss has become a problem or worry our hair loss clinic in Edinburgh is here to help. With thousands of successful hair transplantations and thousands of satisfied customers we are passionate about our work and are determined that we find the correct hair thinning solution for all of our clients.

Our hair loss clinic is one of only a few who has a fully trained trichologist in Edinburgh who takes to deal with the client from day one. Our trichologist will always carry out the initial hair loss consultation to determine what are the causes of hair loss and to recommend which hair loss treatments are best suited to you.

We absolutely get the anxiety you are feeling which is why we will always have a fully trained and compassionate consultant working with you the whole way through your hair thinning treatment plan. This member of staff will work with the trichologist and the hair transplant surgeon (if surgery is necessary) and will be there to follow through with the hair restoration aftercare as well.

bench-sea-sunny-manHair loss clinic consultation

With every new client the first thing we will need to do is to have a face to face consultation to determine what is wrong now and what would be the very best hair treatment plan for you. The hair loss consultation is totally FREE and can be arranged by calling our hair loss clinic in Edinburgh today or fill out a website contact us form with as much information about your condition as possible and we will get back to you.

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