bench-sea-sunny-man Are you searching for a FUT hair transplant solution? Looking for a professional hair transplant clinic in Edinburgh? We offer male hair transplants, female hair transplants and transgender hair transplants which get great hair thickening results at very affordable hair transplant prices.

FUT hair transplant clinic Edinburgh

If you are considering an FUT hair transplant process, all our recognised hair transplantation surgeons are highly skilled in this hair transplant procedure. Our Edinburgh hair transplant clinics staff are all professionals in their chosen areas and widely acknowledged for generating outstanding attractive, natural looking hair thickening results.

FUT hair transplant procedures are now one of the most common hair transplantations that are carried out. Like all hair transplants they have become more affordable to everyone as hair transplant costs are probably lower now that they have ever been coupled with our interest free payment plan hair transplant prices are now within reach to anyone suffering from hair thinning.

An FUT hair transplant is suitable for both male hair loss and female hair loss. We have carried out many successful women’s hair transplants as well as men’s hair transplants.

fut hair transplantFUT hair transplant consultation

FUT hair transplant procedures are not for everyone which is why we will always insist that every patient gets an initial hair loss consultation done by our trained trichologist. Our hair loss team will take hair and scalp samples to determine what is the cause of your hair loss and which hair loss treatments would be most suitable for you.

We offer initial hair loss treatment consultations FREE of charge at our hair loss clinic in Edinburgh. If we then decide to carry out an FUT hair transplant the whole procedure, the hair transplantation surgery and hair transplant aftercare will be carried out by our own practitioners here at our Edinburgh hair transplant clinic. Call out team today and book an appointment or fill out a website form giving as much information about your hair loss as you possibly can.

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