female baldnessSearching for female baldness solutions? Is your hair falling out leaving horrible bald patches in your hair? Feeling embarrassed or anxious as to what is causing you female hair loss? Don’t worry, we are her to help and give you the very best advice by offering the very best female baldness solutions.

Female baldness clinic Edinburgh

Female baldness can occur at any time to anyone. It is certainly not just a condition that effects hair loss in older women. Certain illnesses or after certain medication can cause female baldness or hair loss in women. Menopause hair loss is not unusual; we can advise on the best treatment for thinning hair in menopause or indeed any other female hair loss conditions.

Female baldness and for some men, male baldness, can have a massive effect on everyday life. Leaving you feeling depressed and anxious. For women suffering hair loss it can be particularly stressful as there are not very many hair styles for women suffering from hair loss or for females who suddenly start to get bald patches. Our highly experienced team of consultants fully understand the effects that you are going though which is why we offer practical, professional advice in a compassionate way making you feel at ease straight away. No one should just accept female hair loss just because you are at a certain age or financially think it is not affordable, we pride ourselves in having different female balding solutions that will help mentally and physically whilst affordable without adding a financial burden to what already is a stressful situation.

young ladyFemale baldness consultations

Affordable female baldness solutions should be available to everyone which is why in the first instance we offer a FREE women’s hair loss consultation with our very own fully qualified female hair loss trichologist.

Book your appointment today by calling one of our team or fill out one of our website contact forms explaining in as much detail as you can about your hair thinning condition.

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