Biofibre Hair Transplant

laser hair transplantsAre you searching for a reputable hair loss clinic in Edinburgh that will has carried out many biofibre hair transplant procedures? Bio-fibre Hair Implants were developed as a light aesthetic hair restoration surgery procedure, safe and effective, that makes it possible to obtain natural hair thickening for both male baldness and female hair loss

Biofibre hair transplant Edinburgh

With a bio-fibre hair transplant the patient can expect immediate and natural looking hair and should see high hair density in a few hours, the procedure is simple, quick, reversible and painless allowing the patient to return very quickly to everyday life. Biofibre hair implants also offer a progressive hair thickening procedure at an affordable price. It is not binding and can be stopped when the expected results are achieved. We would not recommend a biofibre hair transplant on sensitive patients to the pre-implant test or who are suffering from other scalp diseases.

Bio-fibre Hair Implants should only be performed by experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeons like we have here. There can be quite a bit of aftercare needed which is why our highly experienced clinical staff will put together a full after-care plan for all of our patients.

biofibre hair transplantBiofibre hair transplant consultation

It is recommended before any hair loss treatments can begin to get a full hair and scalp test done. Our trained clinical staff along with our in-house trichologist will perform this test and consult with the hair transplantation surgeon’s to see if you are suitable for a bio-fibre hair transplant, if you are not don’t worry as we are sure we will be able to help put together another hair loss treatment option for you.

We make an initial consultation absolutely FREE so call the team today and book an appointment with our caring team or fill out a website contact us form explaining in as much detail as you can what your hair loss symptoms are.

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