baldingAre you seeking advice on going bald or bald patches? Feeling down due to sudden bald patches appearing on your head or body? Going bald is no longer a condition that needs to be accepted when there are many different balding cures available today.

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Balding or going bald in the past was accepted especially when a male goes bald when hitting a certain age. Contrary to what people believe female bald patches are common as men going bald. When male balding occurs it is known as male pattern hair loss, conditions that are either hereditary or come along when we get older. When women go bald it can be known as female patter hair loss. It’s not yet totally clear if female pattern hair loss is hereditary and the causes are less well understood than that of male pattern hair loss.  Going bald in young men or balding in young women is also very common.

Whatever your age or gender we have balding treatments that just might be tailored to work specifically for you. We are very proud of or high success rate and have been helping the people of Edinburgh get the very best bald patch treatments that you will find anywhere in the UK.

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It is extremely important before anyone considers any hair regrowth treatment, to find out exactly what is causing the hair to fall out. A proper hair and scalp scan, carried out by a professional hair loss consultant such as a trichloogist is normally to only way to guarantee that this will be properly done. We are lucky to have one of only a few fully trained trichologists in Edinburgh working with us here at our hair loss clinic. This we hope will give potential patients the peace of mind that they are getting the very best hair loss advice they can.

For a FREE hair balding consultation call our professional team today or fill out a website form with as much detail on your hair loss as you possible can,

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