Hair Transplants Restore Your Confidence

Do you feel low in self-esteem because you have noticed hair loss? This happens to both men and women and it is a horrible experience. You may try shampoos and conditioners that promise to restore the vitality of your hair, but alas they just do not work! Hair loss could be due to age, stress, […]

Hair Loss Cure

Do you feel self-conscious about the bald spot developing on the crown area of your head?  If so, we can offer a hair loss cure.  Collins Hair Transplant Clinic in Edinburgh can offer advice, we understand it’s a tricky area for most men as they don’t want to admit that they may be going bald, or […]

Biofibre Hair Transplant

Are you searching for a reputable hair loss clinic in Edinburgh that will has carried out many biofibre hair transplant procedures? Bio-fibre Hair Implants were developed as a light aesthetic hair restoration surgery procedure, safe and effective, that makes it possible to obtain natural hair thickening for both male baldness and female hair loss Biofibre […]

Alopecia hair loss treatments

Searching for alopecia hair loss treatments that actually work? Are you looking for a hair loss clinic in Edinburgh with massive experience in alopecia hair loss treatments? Are you looking for a professional yet compassionate service that knows the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling? We are passionate about offering hair loss treatments […]

Advice for Female Hair Loss

Are you looking for advice for female hair loss? Are you searching for a female hair loss clinic in Edinburgh? Have you tried many different products and are still frustrated as none of them seem to have worked and you are anxious to try something new? Don’t worry are here to help take away the […]

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